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Hazelgrove Farm
Lamb and Goat

Our Lambs

In 2022, Joanna bought a number of orphan lambs from a local farmer. Many of you had the pleasure of bottle feeding them and watching them grow. She had many early mornings and late nights! Following in Sharon's footsteps, Joanna has now found herself shepherding her own flock. The flock consists of a variety of sheep including Dorset x Romney, mules, and some Kerry Hills. Joanna also has a ram, and not forgetting a few added pet sheep! They are due to lamb April 2024.

Our Goats

2023 saw the arrival of a herd of goat kids from the mainland. Raised by the farm initially with milk, then moving onto pastures when ready. Our goats graze on grass, untreated by any herbicides or artificial fertilisers, which means their diet is full of natural minerals and nutrients. 

Our Lamb and Goat

Our lambs and goats leave the farm at approximately 8 months old, they are a mixture of both sexes. We send a couple of lambs and goats a month, when in season. Although goat is the most eaten meat in the world, it is not as well known in the UK. As the Isle of Wight does not currently have an abattoir, this means that this is carried out on the mainland. When the lamb and goat returns, it is then cut and packaged by our local butchers. It is then sold at our own farm shop, located at Hazelgrove Farm.

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