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Hazelgrove Farm

In 2022, Joanna bought a number of orphan lambs from a local farmer. Many of you had the pleasure of bottle feeding them and watching them grow. She had many early mornings and late nights!

Following in mum’s (Sharon's) footsteps, Joanna has now found herself shepherding her own flock which arrived at Hazelgrove in January. They are Dorset x Romney with a few Kerry Hills, two rams, and not forgetting the added pet sheep!

Joanna has just come out of the lambing season this year. The idea behind this was to help expand in hopes to keep up with demand in our farm shop and the chance to supply elsewhere.

There were a number of successes with lambing this year, and sadly a few that did not go to plan. But, all of this has provided valuable experiences for Joanna as she continues to journey in the world of shepherding!

Lamb will be available to buy from the farm shop later in the year, around late Autumn time. 

Sheep in field.jpg
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