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Hazelgrove Farm
Grass Fed Beef

Our Cows


Our cows are bred, born and raised here on the farm and consist of a herd of cross breed cows, put to an Aberdeen Angus Pedigree Bull. The herd is looked after by Sam and Richard. 

100% Grass Fed

Our herd of cattle are 100% grass fed. This refers to the animal's diet. In this case, our cows are fed on a diet of only grass. This is in the form of grasses - including herbs and flowers - when they are outside, and hay and silage (also from our farm) when they are housed in the barns over winter. This means that the cows fatten slowly and naturally, lending themselves to being richer in Omega 3 fatty acids, linoleic acid, vitamins and minerals and lower in total fat. All of which is better for you. 

Our Beef

Our cattle leave the farm between 24 and 30 months old and are a mix of heifers and steers. We send an average of 2 cows a month. As the Isle of Wight does not currently have an abattoir, this means that this is carried out on the mainland. When the beef returns, it is then hung for 28 days at our local butchers. It is then cut and packed ready for us to sell in our own farm shop, located at Hazelgrove Farm.

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