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Hazelgrove Farm Eggs

Our Chickens
Our main enterprise is our free range chicken eggs. At present, we have 4800 hybrid chickens in 8 houses. The chickens are out from dawn to dusk, foraging in the grass. Richard feds the chickens on a poultry mash, which is supplied by the Isle of Wight Grain Group - grain produced and grown by Isle of Wight farmers.

Our Eggs
Our free range eggs are delivered to a range of shops, cafes, school, pubs and hotels around the Isle of Wight. They are also available in our farm shop 24/7. In our shop, eggs are on trays, and we encourage our customers to re-use their egg boxes when they visit.

Behind the scenes
The eggs are collected twice a day from each chicken house, usually by Cathy. The chickens lay their eggs in nest boxes and the eggs roll onto a conveyer. The conveyer is turned by hand when the eggs are collected. They are placed onto trays to take to the pack house. In the pack house, these eggs are then placed by hand onto a grader which has an inspection light that shines through the eggs to show cracks and imperfection (so these eggs can be removed), it then grades the remaining eggs by weight. Once the eggs are graded, they are sorted into either eggs for the farm shop, or eggs for selling to businesses. Eggs going to businesses are then stamped, and either left on trays or packed into boxes for orders. These are then delivered by Joanna throughout the week. Each house is tested for salmonella every 15 weeks following DEFRA rules and regulations, and APHA undertake two inspection per year to check egg quality and welfare of chickens. 


In October 2021, we bought 50 Cherry Valley Ducks to the farm. All the eggs are sold in the farm shop. This is an area we are looking to expand due to demand! 

Free range chickens roaming at Hazelgrove Farm
Free range eggs laid at Hazelgrove Farm
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