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Hazelgrove Farm Pork

Our Pigs

A new venture of Hazelgrove Farm is our small drove of pigs. We have a mix of Gloucester Old Spot X Duroc, Pietrains and Saddlebacks. We primarily feed them on pig mash, but they are also eager to gobble down any fruit and vegetables that come their way! They live free range in the fields, ensuring they get as much nutrition as they can. The pigs spend much of their days digging and foraging in the dirt, chilling in the sunshine and getting plenty of fresh air. The pigs are managed by Joanna, who feeds them, waters them, and gives them lots of fresh hay and straw.

Our Pork

Our pigs leave the farm at approximately 6 months old, they are  a mixture of both sexes. We send an average of 3 pigs a month. As the Isle of Wight does not currently have an abattoir, the means that this is carried out on the mainland. When the pork returns, it is then cut and packaged by our local butchers. Sausages are also made at this time. Bacon and gammon is cured for four weeks before coming back to the farm. It is then sold at our own farm shop, located at Hazelgrove Farm.

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