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The Wurzels Down on the Farm!

On Saturday night we were lucky enough to have the Wurzels on the farm, courtesy of the Jack Up Events team. The Redcatz kicked it off, setting the chilled out vibes for the rest of the evening.

Caleb was on cooking in the Hazelgrove Farm food van, with fresh pork sausages from Joanna's pigs, and Hazelgrove Farm's own grass-fed beef burgers. The food was delicious, and a huge thanks needs to be given to Caleb for all his hard work, and Steve for helping out.

The event was also supported by Island Ales and Vintage Scoops, for which we were all grateful for the drinks and ice-cream on offer. We had their mint chocolate chip, the lemon shortcake and the rum and raisin - happiness all round.

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